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Principal bodies

Role and composition of the Board of Directors


The Board of Directors is the executive body of the Association. With the exception of the powers that are exclusively entrusted to the General Meeting, the Board has all powers that are in line with the realisation of the aims of the Association.

The composition of the Board of Directors is renewed every three years. After its empowerment by the General Assembly, the Board elects amongst its members the President and the Vice-president(s) for a mandate of three years.

The Board of Directors is legally represented towards external parties by two persons to be chosen between the President, the Vice-Presidents and the Director General. Only one of these two persons can, when needed, be replaced by another member of the Board.

The Board of Directors convenes a meeting at least twice on a quarterly basis. The Board may, for the preparation of the Board meetings as well as for the subsequent execution of the Boards’ decisions, also delegate tasks to the Bureau. Amongst the decisions of the Board of Directors belongs, for example, also the representation of BEAMA VZW in Febelfin VZW.

The Board of Directors may appoint a Director General for the daily administration of the Association. The Director General takes part in all General Assembly meetings, Board meetings and Bureau meetings (without having the right to vote).


The Board of Directors is composed of


Foto - Marnix Arickx

Marnix Arickx
Representing BNP Paribas Asset Management Belgium



Katrin Eyckmans
Representing Capfi Delen Asset Management

Wim Roelant
Representing NN Investment Partners Belgium


Members of the Board

Greet Ramaut, deputy member
Representing BNP Paribas Asset Management Belgium

Thibaut de Saint Moulin
Representing RBC Investor Services Belgium

Chris Sterckx
Representing KBC Asset Management

Caroline Tubeuf
Representing Degroof Petercam Asset Management

Koen Van de Maele
Representing Candriam


Director General

Foto - Josette Leenders

Josette Leenders


How to contact BEAMA?

If you wish to send a message or a request in the realm of ‘corporate affairs’ at the President of the Board of Directors of BEAMA, you best use the following E-mail address:

If your message or request is merely a matter of general information and daily business, please use the E-mail address:


The President, Vice-President(s) and the Director General are also Members of the Bureau.