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Unless otherwise stipulated, the various pages and simulations which you consult on this Web site or obtain via interactive applications are provided purely for information purposes. The Web site is updated regularly to the best of our ability. Nevertheless, BEAMA vzw|asbl cannot guarantee that the information, data or publications are up to date, accurate, correct, complete or suitable for a specific objective.

BEAMA vzw|asbl may not be held liable for any damage or loss arising from the access to, consultation or use of the information, data and publications on the Web site and/or the access to and use of the interactive applications, except in cases of proven fraud or serious misconduct on their part.

The product- and service-related information provided via this Web site by BEAMA vzw|asbl is governed by the laws of Belgium to which they are subject. Should you gain access to this Web site and/or make use of it from an area outside the jurisdiction of the laws of Belgium, you are required to make sure in advance that this is permitted under the laws of the country in which you reside. If this is not the case, please refrain from any (further) access to and/or the use of our Web site.

Intellectual property rights in respect of the information, publications and data provided on this Web site are held by either BEAMA vzw|asbl or the entities associated with it or third parties. Any infringement upon these rights is prohibited. Likewise, any transfer, sale, distribution or reproduction of the information, publications or data is prohibited, regardless of the form in or the means by which these are made available on the Web site, without the express prior written consent of the author or his/her assigns.

Personal data obtained via this Web site may be processed by BEAMA vzw|asbl for such purposes as business prospecting and promotion in respect of banking and insurance products or services, customer administration, the handling of accounts, lending and loan management, asset management, (direct) marketing, public relations, relationship banking, the provision and management of insurance services, and intermediary or brokering activities.

You have the right to object to these data being used for the above-mentioned marketing purposes. You are also entitled to examine the personal data relating to you and, if necessary, have them corrected.

For additional information concerning the processing of personal data you can consult the public register of automated processing at the Privacy Commission ('Commissie voor de Bescherming van de Persoonlijke Levenssfeer').


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